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Welcome to my world .. PaulaVision 

Beginning years ago as a means to an end, I began using motivating sayings and messages via an email campaign to a large number of sales people that I had invited and trained.  I dubbed that email the DAILY MOTIVATOR that I sent out each and every day, Monday through Friday, for years.   It was a great way to keep people engaged in the idea of their personal success, the process of it and the emotion too. 


As time went by and I picked up a camera and started shooting, marrying my new images to the powerful words and ideas that I had been sharing for years was more than a perfect fit! 


I decided to call my company PaulaVision based upon the life changing ideas of a sales mentor who taught me about personal vision and how to create and maintain it powerfully.  

PaulaVision Productions is a culmination of my life and those things that have emerged as relevant.  Things, I feel, are worthy of contribution in time and effort.   

Those are: 

PHOTOGRAPHY - Seeing and framing photos in my mind’s eye has been a constant for me for as long as I can remember.   I love to be behind the camera as much as I love giving others something memorable and special to treasure.  I love telling stories and their meanings .. each picture I take, has such a story, which brings me to my next and newest endeavor of .. AUTHOR, WRITER and BLOG POSTER - after all of the life I have lived and the richness I have held onto through nearly every experience .. good and bad, it would be wasteful not to share. 

Of course, my mainstay has always been, SALES & MARKETING - I like the mechanics and the theory and I love to share with others the way in which they can be most attractive to their audience.  Whether they are looking for customers, business partners, more sales.  These days, I find that I really enjoy working on both sides of the camera as I consider it a very unique opportunity to influence people both with the created beauty of the world around us, as well as, teaching skill sets that validate everyone in the much aligned sales process.  

Whatever brought you to my site today, may I say that I appreciate your visit!  I hope you find what you are looking for.  There is a contact page if you need more information and to get in touch to order products and/or services.  

I look forward to hearing from you soon.  Thank you!



If a picture is worth a thousand words, it can tell the story.
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