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By: paulavision94 | April 19, 2015

This is a story a few of you might recall. 

Let's go back to the unexpected fiasco in upstate New York, the one that moved me and whatever I could fit in to my truck to Tennessee shortly after I had arrived in NY.  I had not planned on the move to Tennessee and ended up having to put most of my belongings in storage in New York until I could figure out what I would do next.   

That was in August, a few months later, my son and future DIL were  to be married New Year's Eve in Charleston, SC and I had exactly one "dress up" outfit that I had brought with me.  It was a cranberry colored pantsuit and when I paired that with a black ribbed turtleneck and black heels, it was a suitable (pardon the pun) outfit for a late December wedding...

By: paulavision94 | March 29, 2015

As I reviewed my previous blogging endeavor over on WordPress, I found the following written in the profile section:   "A Colorado native now living in Tennessee.  Loving the change of scenery and southern ways.  Divine Providence has seen fit to equip me with time to be able to meditate and write -- a destiny fulfilled is truly a blessing and my freedom.  I do not claim to know everything and I am always open to hear what another person has to say in order to consider their point too.  I have a hard time containing my disdain for inefficiency and lack of common sense.  What's up with all of this craziness anyway?  I believe the time is drawing near when things will be changed forever .. I am ready, are you?"

It's been almost five...

If a picture is worth a thousand words, it can tell the story.